Friday, October 12, 2007

Sports Around Here

I cannot write a post about sports without mentioning that yes, in this day and age, MIRACLES DO OCCUR.

Da Bears beat the Packers last weekend.

A miracle indeed.

I'm happy, Donna's sad.

I'll cheer for the Pack as long as they are not playing Da Bears.

I *heart* Da Bears and Lovie Smith!!!


Go D-Backs beat The Rockies!

We are down 0-1 in this series. They play again tonight and hopefully with better results than last night.

Watch for Tony Clark. He plays first base. He is a great guy with a very sweet family. His children attend our school and Tony and his wife are very involved in coaching varsity girl's and boy's basketball.

The "closer" (the pitcher that comes in to finish off the game) is a guy by the name of Jose Valverde. His nickname is Papa Grande. He is very fun to watch. He's emotional and full of energy and gets the job done! We were at a game last week against the Cubs and I accidentally called him (to Dave) "Papa Verde" :) and I will never hear the end of it from my husband. I have a special gift of mixing up sports figures names. It's a family joke.


Our junior high football team has a bye this weekend so that means we cheer extra hard for our varsity team tonight. We play a team that is new to us and it is our school's homecoming. My kids tell me that the team we are playing are boys from "Juvi". Yes, a juvenile center/school. If they are right, this could be an interesting evening. They also tell me that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department will be very visible at the game and on our campus. If this is a rumor I'll ring their necks. If not, I'll let you know how it goes. ;-)

UPDATE: I love Google. The school we play tonight is a "Christian school for troubled boys". And here I thought they were getting out of jail for the night. They have a great football record.


sis' cindy :) said...

Janet...we do try so hard to keep our sports figures straight! Good job keepin' up anyway! You notice Donna has NOT commented about "Da Game" !!!!! Humph!! :)

Donna Boucher said...

How fun to talk with you tonight!

You're famous!!!

Carrie's mom, Amy J's mom came up to me at a homeschooling meeting here in Verona and said,
"Donnabooshay, I know all about you!"

We are now good friends and Katie and Carrie play every week!

The wonders of the internet!

Junebug said...

Guess who I saw at PF Chang's tonight? Ree and MM. We were standing outside talking to my children and they walked past us. I didn't say anything but wanted too. I thought it would be weird since I don't really know her. She is very tall and pretty with dimples and long hair. And he looks much more blond-headed than any gray. Very light hair with blue eyes.They make a good-looking couple.

Janet said...

Junebug, that is amazing!!! I would have made a complete fool of myself if I had seen them. I think I would have hugged and kissed her and stared at MM.

A very sweet lady came up to me at our school's homecoming party and asked me if my name was Janet. She said she recognized me and reads my blog. (Hi J.) I told her I thought I only had 5 readers. I couldn't believe she recognized my face. Oi. That's scary but FUN.

Dana said...

Juvies! That's hilarious. You had me giggling.

I think I would have spoken to Ree, too. She is so much fun to read.

Dana in GA

Anonymous said...

Who is Ree and MM? Is this a code?

Janice, a sis said...

While I am trying not to complain in general, you must post something new, this is getting old!!

Janet said...

Shouldn't you be working? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are we only speaking to those who know the code?
Please, let us all in on the code!!

Janet said...

Ree is The Pioneer Woman (see my side bar) and MM is her husband. We are all addicted to her blog, writing, recipes and photographs and we also pretend she is our best friend.

Who are you Ms. Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

I will never tell!!! :)