Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mountians Without Water

Last Saturday, Janice, my girls, cousin Abby and I went to a small national park just East of Flagstaff. It was only about 3-4 miles off the freeway and there you are nestled in a huge canyon filled with culture and history. The most interesting part of this were the ancient cliff dwellings. The girls were so happy to see them and get to step in to each and every one. Boys I'm sure would have been playing bows and arrows but the girls had fun imagining what the natives wore, what each room was used for, how they started fires, what they ate and how they slept on the hard rocks!

Read about Walnut Canyon National Park. It is a beautiful place.

The dwellings on the opposite side of the canyon.

The Sinagua people were short! The average height of a woman was 5'0. This gives you a perspective. Hannah is about 5'7.

Here is a good example of the beautiful work of the Sinagua people. Imagine the time and energy it took to build theses walls.

Cute girls.

Here we are, Twin A and Twin B standing in a different area of the canyon. Look behind us and notice the fur and pine trees. Isn't that amazing? Compare it to the first picture where all you see it harsh rock structures and more desert-like landscape. This area clearly gets more shade and the pines can grow.

The climb out of the canyon was KILLER. I kept thinking how horrible it would be to have a heart attack and die on a day like this.....Janice and I were huffing and puffing. The girls? They ran ahead of us and beat us by a good 10 minutes. Lauren was wearing flip flops. What a trooper and what a bad mommy.

Yes, I'm wearing my glasses. I ripped a contact that morning. Bummer.

Amy, remember how you've been wanting to visit the Grand Canyon? We'll this would be a fun little side trip. C'mon, girl. What? You just gave birth?

One last picture. I know, not very PC. But then again, I am not PC.

There you have a post. Phew, the peer pressure was getting to me.

Love, Janet. Happy to be Conagua.


Janice, a sis said...

yeah!!! great idea for a post!!!

we took the trail backwards and I kept having to turn around to read the signs, finally at the last (first) sign I realized, "huh, I think we did this backwards" I kept shushing the girls so I could read the signs, info to them...it was great fun!!!

Janet said...

hehe I forgot to mention that. I loved that you read outloud to us and it spurred such excellent discussion and questions.

Donna Boucher said...

Someone needs to read outloud :o)

Great hike!

Your girls look great!

Emma took three pair of shoes to India. She wore only her flipflops.

ah youth

Amy said...

Janet, this is very cute group of girls. I think Peyton would love to join them - they look like a lot of fun.

I'm curious...what kind of day would it not be horrible to have a heart attack and die? And I'm glad you didn't!

We were supposed to be going on our grand tour of the west next month. Somehow that doesn't sound like as much fun with a newborn. We will get out there someday, though, even if I have to see the Grand Canyon from my wheelchair!

Janet said...

Amy, I guess it would be terribly inconvienent to be out there in the canyon. Haha. I'm glad to be here, alive and well.

nodern millie said...

Great links. Did you see the photo of the "outing" and the women in the long dresses? I don't think I would have made it out of the canyon in that get up, maybe it wasn't 110 degrees out?!?

j said...

ah, man, that is supposed to say "Modern"

Anita (from Quiet Life) said...

Ooooh- ohhhhh! Janet! We took our boys to that canyon! When we visited my snowbird in-laws in Mesa. We want to go back and spend more time. But my boys are growing up so fast that our family vacations days are limited.

Your pictures are great and all those girls are just adorable. I don't suppose we could match any of them up with my 15 yr. old :)

AND I see you read Spurgeon. I think I am his latest groupie...

Donna Boucher said...

I meant to say 'you girls'...meaning Janice and Janet look darlink!!!
Oh yes you do!

hannah said...

That was a very cool canyon! I like it better than the Grand Canyon cuz u can go in it and climb around and not just say oh thats amazing and then thats about it for the Grand Canyon! lol

and Mom, I think I am taller than 5'7", Dad told me the other day that he thought I was 5'8" or 9"... lol

~hannah, the oldest of those cute and adorable girls