Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Kinda Gift

Not many ladies I know would love a Christmas gift like the one I got from my awesome husband. In fact, Janice asked Dave "are you absolutely sure she'll like this gift?"

(One lady I know would and if she reads this she should identify herself immediately...)

What means the most to me about this Christmas gift is the effort it took to plan this gift and execute it.

We are going to Tucson to watch the University of Arizona Wildcats play basketball and will spend the night at a great resort. He had to buy tickets from a broker in Atlanta, reserve a hotel room, make overnight arrangements for 5 kids, check our calendar, buy a sweatshirt and do all of this without me knowing. And he did it! Boy was I surprised and am I ever excited.

I've been a huge fan of U of A basketball for years. I had season tickets back in the day, for 4 out of the 5 years I was in Tucson (1984-1989). Lute Olsen is a great man and an amazing coach.

I think this is their year to win.

Go Cats!

I'll take lots of pictures! K?!


Anonymous said...

I think I know of this lady you speak of.....did you happen to see her today?

Janet said...

Yes, and she's as cute as a button but she prefers baseball over basketball. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I do think baseball is her favorite...and is she, well, maybe a little forgetful!!! :}

Lindsey said...

Great effort brings great joy - well done Dave!

Janey, may Jesus bless you and yours greatly in 2007 :)

Donna Boucher said...

Yay Dave!!!
Yay Janet!!

I am wondering what trip I would drool over. It wouldn't be a sports event.
Perhaps a trip to New York to see Regis and Kelly.
That would be a blast!

Have fun!

Kelli said...

I had better fess up before more is revealed!!!

I think that is a wonderful gift. (Good job, Dave!!)
I think he was being a great companion--using what he knows you love to surprise you. Has he been listening to some tapes?
Have a wonderful time and drive safe!!

Janet said...

hee hee hee.

Thanks Kelli, I knew you would appreciate my post. :)

1974 WCHS REUNION said...

What a great gift. Way to go Dave. I think the night in the resort is the real gift! Schedule a pedicure or massage too! Is it where Aunt Dorothy stayed for your graduation? Have fun, and go Wildcats!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that means? I tried to log in as a blogger, and look what showed up. Funny. It's just plain Sue. I'll continue to be anonymous, if that's o.k.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, it really is the thought that counts! And when there's enough thought, the perfect gift comes along with it! What a blessing. Have a wonderful trip!

LammyAnn said...

I used to live there during those years too! Just think--we could have walked by each other and NEVER EVEN KNOWN IT!
I graduated Tucson High school--- right across the street from UOA.
I moved away to marry my husband... and dream of someday going back.
Merry Christmas!

margie said...

Very nice gift...and sooooo thoughtful !! When is said trip planned?

sis' cindy said...

WOW! Dave good job planning...Janet you little tomboy! Actually, I would have killed to see the Cardinals play in the World Series! I really wanted to go to the parade. Dad would be proud we are such sports enthusiasts!! (sp)

Ruthanne said...

Making the rounds here...

Happy New Year, Janet! May God bless you richly this brand new year of 2007! :)


Anonymous said...

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